Coming soon.... VH FFP Series

The end of May our new VH FFP series with MIL Spec, Zero-stop, Illuminated T8 MIL FFP reticle and Capped Windage turret will be available in the following configuration:

* VH 3-16x42mm   -   $899

* VH 4-20x50mm   -   $959

Absolutely the "Best Value for Money"!

When Accuracy Matters

 Whether a professional hunter, competition shooter or travelling hunter, reliable target optics are essential in order to shoot in demanding terrain and under difficult conditions.

At Rudolph Optics we strive to provide you with the best possible “set of optical tools” for that decisive moment. To ensure you are perfectly equipped and do not miss the opportunity of a lifetime. 

This is my Rudolph.... thank you for your loyal support!


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